About Zero Stigma Art

Picture this: you’re trying to create a flyer to circulate harm reduction information in your community. What kind of image would you put on the flyer?

If you were to search online you’d find stigmatizing and inaccurate options: dirty spoons, tables covered in random pills (which are usually just vitamins), and people behind chain link fences.

It’s hard to find imagery that reflects the nuance of drug use. That’s why we’re curating a library of hand-drawn harm reduction illustrations that anyone can use for free.

Part of undoing the stigma caused by the war on drugs is circulating evidence-based information and we need real images to help us communicate our messages. We envision a time when anyone can search for images and find options that reflect all kinds of experiences with drugs, pain, and diversity of people.


Reach out to us at zerostigmaart@gmail.com